Getting a gift for the party lovers and the chilled out children can be much easier as anything you buy will easily satisfy them. However, if you have a nerdy son who is focused on studies and gadgets all the time, you might have to consider several nerdy options before actually gifting him.

If he is a college student things can get even more complicated as you might not have any idea what to take to Uni and whether what the general children takes to Uni is what your son takes.

Before selecting a gift for your nerdy son make sure you read the below to help you out with the decision.

What kind of a nerd

Nerdy guys can be of many types. There are people who are highly interested in a particular subject area such as astronomy, human anatomy etc. and there are people who are generally interested in science and gadgets. Getting a person who likes a general study area like science is easier to please than a person who is attached to one field of studies. Also, some of the fields that they are selecting can be very expensive as the equipment used for them will cost you much more than you think that they will.

Unfortunately, the amount matters

As mentioned earlier the equipment for nerdy sections can be expensive compared to a general gift and you might not be able to afford a huge gift every birthday, If it is your own son and if it is a special birthday of him, like his 18th birthday or his 21st birthday, then you might as well buy him a well-deserved equipment of the area that he prefers. However for other birthdays, make sure you check the price of the gift that you are going to buy and check against your spending capacity. If you think you can spend the price of the gift then go for it!

Distance matters

During vacations most students would arrive home and start planning on going on trips with their friends and family. But, a nerdy son might stay back in school or in college and not come home for the breaks and you are faced with the problem of how to send him a gift.

Firstly, make what to take to university checklist for your son and check what he already has in them. Whatever things that he has in the list strike off and the rest keep there, now you can add some more items to it that he might need which are not mentioned in the list and make a customized git pack for him. Talk to an online gift company or a gift delivery service to make sure to get the delivery right in time for his birthday.

A personal touch

A nerdy son would be very touched by a personal note or a greeting card that he receives with the gift and therefore it would be the perfect chance to write him a note of how much he means to you and how much you love him. You could try making a greeting card or buy a handmade card and write a personal note inside and send it together with the gift pack and more than the gift this will touch their heart.

Little trinkets with personal touches such as small rice beads with the name printed, a ship inside a bottle can mean so much to them than an average person as their minds are trained to see the hidden beauty of it all.

What To Get Your Nerdy Son On His Birthday