Have you always been interested in photography? Have you been taking pictures from a young age and always found that you have loved capturing beauty through the lens of a camera? Or perhaps you only recently took up photograph and found that you love taking pictures and creating art? Regardless of when you started, if you are passionate enough about it and feel that you may be able to turn this hobby into a job then perhaps you should start your own online photography business. Link here http://www.ebsuae.com/static/business-setup-in-dubai to gain ideas on how to set up a business.
Get online
The first thing you will need to do is to set up a website or at the very least a Facebook page or Instagram account that will feature your work. Start by posting pictures regularly and work on building up a following. If people like you work then they are more likely to either hire you as an event photographer or maybe even want to buy your work! When setting up your own business, you will need to consider whether you are going to primarily be an event photographer or whether you are willing to try your hand at multiple things until you find what you love.
Make it official
When you start your online photography business, if you are planning on turning it into a career, then you will need to look into making things official, for instance, getting a general trading license.
If you plan on selling your photographs as prints you may need to have a licence such as a general trading license in Dubai. It is best to consult either a lawyer or a business mentor of yours on the best way to proceed. Either way, you will need to register your company so that you can turn your hobby into a career. You will also need to ensure that people have a way to get in touch with you. Have a separate business email where potential clients can contact you as well as a phone number dedicated for your work. You should also have an order form online if you are planning on selling your own images as photo prints or even post cards.
Grow your business
It will take time for your business to really take off – remember that hard work always pays off so stick to your guns. Share a portfolio of your work so that people can see what you can do and constantly look for ways to improve your skills. Produce good work and ask clients for recommendations and testimonials that you can share on your site.

Start Your Own Online Photography Business