Vending machines have a way of making people comfortable. Hence they are generally installed in places where people have to be patient and wait like airports, railway stations, schools etc. These vending machines dispense almost everything that a person might need by way of food and snacks. Some of the different types of vending machines generally seen are:

• Coffee machine: Offering coffee which is freshly brewed along with hot chocolate and different types of tea, these machines are probably the most used ones. In fact, a coffee vending machine in Dubai can be found at all possible places from universities to hotels and even offices, pumps and other drive-ins. These machines also offer a lot of menu options with regards to the type of coffee required. Hence a person can ask for a coffee with or without milk, sugar or cream.

• Candy and soda vending machines: Next in popularity to the coffee vending machine are the ones which dispense candy and soda. They are extremely popular with children and teenagers who swear by them. Generally found in shops, eateries, bakeries, malls and other shopping facilities, these machines dispense either

o Specific types of candies,

o A selection of candies,

o Chocolates,

o Candies with toys and

o Gumballs.

• Change vending machine: In order to avail the facilities of the other vending machines in UAE, a person requires a change of coins. To ensure that a person does not have to do without his favourite coffee, candy or snack for want of change, these change vending machines have been set up and installed. They work by changing larger bills and credit cards of higher denominations for smaller bills and even coins. These machines are also present in garages and parking spaces too.

• Medical supplies and toiletries: There are certain special vending machines installed in washrooms of public areas like airports, clubs, restaurants, bars etc. They are able to dispense necessary toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorants etc. and also urgent medical supplies like tampons, condoms, teeth floss etc.

• Office supplies: Some vending machines found in offices and schools, colleges and universities also dispense office supplies like pens and paper, USBs, notepads, sharpeners, staplers, envelopes etc.

Today the concept of vending machine is being increasingly used to dispense of many unique products like eggs, shoes, baby needs like diapers, milk, cups etc. There are certain vending machines in Japan which even allow a customer to catch his own live lobster with a claw after inputting the necessary change into the vending machine. Another unique vending machine inaugurated in Florida in December 2010, dispenses 24carat gold nuggets. From prescription medicines to bicycles and even instant pizza, there is no end to what a vending machine will be used to dispense next.

Some Popular And Unique Types Of Vending Machines Available