Hi all! My name is “Lou”. But, sometimes, my owner calls me “Lilly boo”. Yeah. It might sound strange to you, as I am having two names. Well, as for me it is something I am very much used to. And to be honest, I kind of enjoy having two names. But here is the sad part of the story. At the beginning, I told you that I have an owner. Then you might have guessed that I am a pet. Thankfully, I am not a pet, but I am the care taker of my owner. In fact, I am a dog trained as a service animal. This might ring a bell to you because service animals are used to support and protect disabled people.
And my owner is one such person who underwent a serious damage to save his best friend’s life, and that best friend is me. One summer day, our house caught on an unexpected fire. I was asleep and my owner had gone out for work. Some person who had got the unfortunate news first, had spread it all over the office. Thanks to this person, even though many had tried to stop my master, amidst all their reprimands and no’s, he had come to my rescue. Because of the destructible fire, my owner ended up losing his precious eye-sight to save me. I am still and forever grateful for people as such.
Even though, many think that animals are unintelligent and irrational, I have proved them that they are wrong. As to pay my respect, I am, in turn, trained as a service dog to take care of my beloved master. Thanks to our kind-hearted neighbors, they help my master by taking me to dog grooming services, as it is necessary for me to be hygienic and free of dirt when I am providing my service to my master.
You might think that taking care of a visually impaired person is a hard task, but not for me. I love being a care taker. I believe it as my duty to serve him for the priceless act he committed on behalf of me. He proved his real friendship on that day, by rescuing me sacrificing his sight forever; I owe him my life. In fact, my training has taught me to guide my master wherever he goes. Even if, I was his pet at first, now as a service animal, I am no longer his pet. But I am a dog who has been qualified to perform my task as a specifically trained animal that is used to guide a visually impaired person.
In the end, I believe this is my chance to prove my loyalty and friendship to the person who gave me back my life. For the rest of my life I will protect and guide my master from all the threats he has to face. That is because I am his very best friend and only family forever and for always.

“I’m His Best Friend Even Though I Four Legs!”