Starting up your own company is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. And that is without the frustrations and ups and downs of trying to get it to be successful and bring in a lot of income. Small businesses have an expiration date that comes by on its third month after inception according to statistics. But this does not have to become reality. If you go past the hurdle of folding up and letting go of your dream of running your company, you can succeed in your venture. If the only employee in your company is yourself who is also working as the owner and CEO of the company, then here are some ideas to help you out.

Coupons and discount cards

For those who visit small sized Chinese restaurants, you will have gotten a tiny card with the number of visits and one stamped out. Ideas like these are some of the methods to turn customers into regulars. Any person would like to spend less money than they usually do. If you have good products and services that you are distributing in your company (according to your business setup and plans) then customers would be happy to return. But to get them to take that step into becoming a regular at your company, coupons and discount cards are very convincing. According to professionals, the best time to pass these out to the customer is when he or she is happy with your company.

The ‘refer a friend for something free of charge’ method

Technically called referral rewards, a company can give out a special bonus to a customer who will bring in some of their friend for the business. This practice is seen in almost any company and it works wonders. This is also a good way to create a network of customers. Once you have your set of regulars it will be easier for you to get new customers to come in. But to get that initial regulars, try inciting them with free items from your products set or a free service worth an amount that is eye-catching. If you run your business setup correctly then you can accommodate these expenses without making a loss.

Make a relationship with the customers right when they walk into your company. Whether it is a bright and sunny greeting or a smile, the customer must feel welcome. This will be the first step in creating the solid customer-owner bond. You can offer multiple discounts for regular customers and they will be more inclined to purchase future services if you keep doing the discount.

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