Sometimes we encounter accidents that require immediate medical attention; a traumatic injury such as a fracture is one such accident that is likely to occur and statistics claim that the average person is likely to sustain at least two broken bones in their life time. This is not a rare occurrence. It is then important to know basic first aid skills to attend to such a traumatic instance in order to aid yourself and those around you who face an emergency situation. Some key steps are:

Assessing the injured area
Severe pain and trauma after a fall is not a guarantee of a fracture, however this can be a good indicator and it is important to quickly assess the injury to avoid further complications before trained professionals arrive. Basic first aid training will help you determine the severity, if you suspect the fractures are in the head, pelvis or spine, it is best to not move the person. Broken bones in the legs, toes and arms will show some indication of irregularity and should be looked in to without much movement and taken to the nearest hospital or called for assistance immediately.

Administer CPR if needed
In case there are no signs of the person breathing after checking for the pulse in the wrist or neck, administering CPR would be necessary since lack of oxygen to vital organs for several minutes from 5-7 can cause brain damage to a certain degree. However, if you are not trained it is best only to provide hands only CPR which are chest compressions of about 100 per minute. First aid training will provide the necessary skills for CPR that requires other techniques like mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Control bleeding if needed
Any injury that is profusely bleeding must be put under control before addressing a broken bone as significant bleeding can cause death if not attended to swiftly. Applying pressure on the wound using a cloth or towel will help clot the blood around the area and would help until professional Dubai health authority license help arrives.

Final step is to immobilize the broken bone
After carefully assessing the above, the next step is to make sure that the broken bone is immobilized so that further injury due to reflex movements can be avoided and also to help the pain subside until professional help is reached out. Never try to realign broken bones without proper knowledge as this may lead to complications. A simple form of splint can be made using a cloth or rope or anything that can be tightened to a stiff cardboard or metal rod to support any broken limbs, but this should not to be used on any other area of the body like the spine or neck. You can apply some ice to numb the area until proper medical attention is provided. This will relieve the patient for some time.

Attending To A Fracture In A Few Basic Steps